Online Master of Legal Studies Program Concentrations

Across available schools, there are a wide variety of Master of Legal Studies concentrations. Each concentration provides students with the opportunity to focus on a particular sector of law, augmenting their existing skills with classes tailored to their career path or undergraduate degree. Many schools allow students to enroll in dual concentrations, enabling them to diversify their specializations. Some common concentrations include:

List of Online Master of Legal Studies Program Concentrations

List of Online Master of Legal Studies Program Concentrations
School Name Available Concentrations General Studies Concentration Dual Concentrations
Arizona State University-Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Sports Law Law & Sustainability HR & Employment Law Intellectual Property Law Criminal Law General Law Yes Yes
California Southern University Choose your own by selecting from electives below:Strategies and Ethics in Negotiations Mediation Property Business Associations Wills Trusts and Estates Immigration Law Domestic Relations International Law Intellectual Property Yes Yes
California University of Pennsylvania Law and Public Policy Criminal Justice Homeland SecurityMay also earn a certificate in the above. No Yes
Drexel University Thomas L. Kline School of Law Criminal Law Cybersecurity and Information Privacy Compliance Entrepreneurship and Law Financial Regulatory Compliance Healthcare Compliance Higher Education Compliance Higher Education Compliance Human Resources Compliance NCAA Compliance Sports Law Yes Yes
Purdue University Global None No No
Loyola University Chicago-School of Law Beazly Institute for Health Law and Policy Business Law and Compliance Childrens' Law and Policy Global Competition Law Health Law No No
Michigan State University-College of Social Science School of Criminal Justice Different degrees, not concentrations:Master of Criminal Justice Masters in Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis Masters in Judicial Administration No No
Pepperdine Law
Sponsored Program
Dispute Resolution No No
Seton Hall University School of Law Health and Hospital Law Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law & Compliance Intellectual Property Law Financial Services Compliance No Yes
University of Dayton School of Law CONCENTRATION:Government Contracting & ProcurementCERTIFICATES:Applied Business Law Criminal Law Cyberlaw Intellectual Property Law No No
University of Illinois-Springfield Law and Public Policy Human Rights/Social Justice and Public Policy Criminal Justice Regulatory ComplianceCustom concentrations available. Yes Yes
USC Gould School of Law Certificates: US Law Business Law Compliance Entertainment Law Yes Yes
Wake Forest University School of Law Business Law and Compliance Health Law and Policy Human Resources No Yes
Washington University School of Law
Sponsored Program
Certificates: Business Law, Conflict Resolution, Litigation, Regulatory Compliance, or Employment Law Yes No
West Virginia University School of Law Criminal Justice Homeland Security HealthcareCustom concentrations available. Yes Yes

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property concentration offers an understanding in copyright, trademark, and patent systems. Scholars learn protection options, how to build brands with competitive advantages, and how to identify cases that are vulnerable to loss. Students who complete an MLS with an emphasis in Intellectual Property Law pursue careers in:

  • Branding professional
  • Licensing professional
  • Entertainment industry professional
  • Talent agent
  • Advocate for the arts
  • Patent agent
  • R&D manager
  • Movie law professional
  • Software law professional

Schools offering this concentration include:

Criminal Justice

The criminal law concentration explores how the justice system functions, including criminal offenses and defenses. From the mechanics of varying state and federal laws, to the enforcement institutions and legal proceedings, to the discussions of the purpose in punishments. Scholars leave understanding the how and theory behind the policies. Students who emphasize in Criminal Law pursue or advance careers such as:

  • Police officer
  • Bailiff
  • Court clerk
  • County clerk
  • Justice of the peace
  • FBI agent
  • Police captain
  • Chief of police
  • Social worker
  • Paralegal services
  • Public Policy
  • Probation officer
  • Corrections officer

Schools offering this concentration include:


The entrepreneurship concentration provides an understanding of compliance skills, navigating regulations in the specific industry, and expanding business owner’s ability to asses risk while increasing professional standards. Student who complete the Entrepreneurship concentration advance their capacity to run an innovative business.

Schools offering a related concentration include:

Sports Law

The growing sports industry requires employees versed in law to tackle legal, business, and ethical issues. Sports law is deeply involved with tort law, contract law, labor law, and antitrust law. Graduating scholars have career opportunities within these areas:

  • Athletic director
  • Sports front office
  • General manager
  • Development director
  • Sports marketing
  • NCAA compliance director
  • College athletics professional
  • Sports agent
  • Associate athletic director
  • Assistant athletic director
  • General managers within the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL

Schools offering this concentration include:

Financial Regulatory Compliance

The concentration in financial regulatory compliance comprehensively discusses banking law, financial transactions, and regulatory compliance. The financial industry is highly regulated by the state and federal government who monitors mutual funds, stock brokers, and banks. Scholars who complete their focus in financial regulatory compliance often work in compliance roles in finance companies.

Schools offering this concentration include:

Constitutional Law and Civil Rights

A concentration in constitutional law and civil rights prepares professional to know the laws and rights that protect people, states, and corporations from violations by the government, businesses, other people.

  • Civil servants

Personal Injury and Civil Litigation

A focus in personal injury and civil litigation prepares students to understand laws surrounding disputes between 2 or more parties. The following areas need experts in personal injury and civil litigation:

  • Law offices
  • Public interest litigations
  • Insurance
  • Elder care facilities
  • Mediators

International Law

The international law concentration prepares scholars to know the rules and customs accepted between nations that bind their relations which serves to keep international relations stable and organized. Knowledge of international law is helpful in the fields of:

  • Non-profit
  • NGO
  • UN
  • National government agencies

Law and Public Policy

A concentration in law and policy focuses on the foundational principles of jurisprudence in Western governments. Students critically examine both substantive and procedural questions about the diverse applications of law. Graduating students attain careers as:

  • Paralegal
  • Lobbyist
  • Non-profit management
  • Mediation
  • Real Estate agent

Schools offering this concentration include:

Sustainability Law

Student will attain the legal knowledge and the technical tools needed to sustainably innovate new technologies that address the environmental concerns. Graduating with an emphasis in sustainability law prepare students to pursue careers in:

  • Sustainability management
  • Consultant
  • Alternative energy
  • Waste solutions
  • Green buildings
  • Environmental protection
  • Regulatory Compliance

Schools offering this concentration include:

HR and employment law

The concentration in employment law trains professionals to assess and solve critical personnel problems. An organization’s success critically rest of the trained professionals who recruit, higher quality employees or contractors, and maintain the talent. Scholars will graduate understanding the intricate legal and regulatory frameworks employment law and can continue working in:

  • HR leadership
  • Company vice president
  • Hiring manager
  • Labor advocate
  • Head hunter
  • Small business owner
  • Diversity and inclusion specialist

Schools offering this concentration include:

Homeland Security

A concentration in homeland security prepares scholars to understand the issues of terrorism and natural disasters, and how to address emergency situations. Student learn to manage local/state/federal, civil-military, and interagency cooperation. As students graduate they can further their careers as:

  • CIA Analyst
  • Air marshal
  • Secret Service
  • Federal emergency manager
  • Counterterrorism Enforcement Agent
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Customs and Border Protection Officer
  • Emergency Preparedness Specialist
  • Emergency Management Director
  • ICE Agent
  • Import Specialist
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Intelligence Research Specialist
  • Mission Support Assistant

Schools offering this concentration include:

Entertainment and New Media Professionals

A concentration in entertainment and media law will prepare students for careers the film, tv, and growing new form of media that need an understanding of specific regulations, aspect of contracts, guilds/unions, and copyright and trademark cases. Graduating from this program enhances career potential with:

  • Guilds
  • Patent agencies
  • Entertainment entities

Schools offering this concentration include:

Healthcare and Hospital Law

A concentration in health care prepares professional to understand the complex and changing system of laws. Hospital, research facilities, and more need compliance professional who can research and analyze how to comply with regulations. Graduating from this program will advance careers in:

  • Vice President & Assistant General Counsel – Healthcare Regulatory and Compliance
  • Health benefit plan administration
  • Health care systems compliance Analyst

Schools offering this concentration include:

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law & Compliance

A concentration in pharmaceutical law prepare professionals to further their careers in the life science industries by developing the technical and communications skills. Students learn the complexities of the laws in which healthcare providers, manufacturers, suppliers, and patients in order to professionally develop for the following roles:

  • Pharmaceutical supplier
  • Regulating agency research associate
  • Physician offices

Schools offering this concentration include:

Financial Services Compliance

A concentration in financial services compliance will teach the legal regulations of investments companies and their advisors. Upon graduating, scholars will be well versed in broker/dealer regulations, banking law, and be prepared to further their career in the fields of:

  • Banking
  • Venture capitalism
  • Firms

Schools offering this concentration include:

Human Rights, Social Justice and Public Policy

With a concentration in human rights, social justice, and public policy students learn the how to protect humans when their rights are violated. Scholars further their understanding of the concept, all humans inherently have rights. Upon graduating professionals will be prepared to help solve injustices and advance in the fields of:

  • Non-profits
  • Policy making
  • Public or private service
  • NGOs
  • Academic research

Schools offering curriculum related to this concentration include:

Cybersecurity and Information Policy

Cyber security is a multi billion dollar industry with one million jobs posted in 2016 according to Forbes. Business, education, health care, and governments need to secure their electronic information. They need technical and nontechnical graduates with expertise to protect against liabilities. Graduate can look forward to lucrative careers such as:

  • Security consultant
  • Chief information security officer
  • Security engineer
  • Security Architect
  • Incident responder
  • Computer forensic
  • Penetration tester
  • Software security developer
  • Security auditor

Schools offering curriculum related to this concentration include:

Higher Education Compliance

The federal government, parents, and more are reliant on higher education, which is highly regulated. Understanding campus issues through a legal framework leaves graduates of this program students will be experts in the laws, policies, and how to protect students. Professionals can further their careers in:

  • School administration
  • Education policy

Schools offering curriculum related to this concentration include: